Fiberglass Doors: Maintenance Tips

Expert Advice, Manufacturer Guide

An exterior fiberglass door combines the appealing qualities of a wood door with none of the warping problems that can result from water seeping into the wood. Fiberglass exterior doors do need periodic maintenance to keep up their protective finishes. Following some basic cleaning tips will go a long way towards preserving the life of your door. Door Stain and Clear Coats Fiberglass doors are initially…

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Patio doors. Care & Maintenance

Manufacturer Guide

Operating your Patio Door Your sliding patio door is designed with a locking handle for easy operation and security, The handle should be used at all times to properly open and close the operating door panel. The finger operated toggle switch located on the handle is used to prevent the door from opening. Therefore, by moving the panel to its…

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How do I keep the rain out of my porch?

Expert Advice

When you’re building your  porch enclosure, make sure the floor is sloped correctly to prevent standing water. Although this won’t keep water from entering your porch, it can reduce the damage water causes to the contents of your porch by draining water away. Ideally, the floor should create a slight peak in the center so all water drains out the…

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