What are the Disadvantages of Frameless porch enclosures.

Although there are a wide variety of advantages to frameless glass porch enclosures, it is important to consider the potential risks or downfalls as well. In order to make the most confident decisions for your home, here are a few potential Disadvantages of Frameless porch enclosures to consider before committing to a frameless glass porch enclosures:

1. Cost:

One of the most common concerns that homeowners have about frameless glass porch enclosure is the upfront expense. As frameless porch enclosure require the use of much thicker, sturdier glass, they are generally 3 times more expensive than traditional framed porch enclosures.


2. Potential for Leaks and Mosquitos:

Without any frames, seals or insulating materials to keep water or snow from pouring in, frameless porch enclosures rely heavily on precision and installation for the prevention of water leaks. Also there is no protection from getting bees, flies or mosquitos inside.

3. Risk of Shattering:

There are a few concerns that may cause frameless glass doors to shatter. Frameless glass doors hardware is not designed to withstand wind and extreme weather conditions as a cold, heat or pollutions.

4. Lack of ventilation:

One problem that comes with sunny weather, though, is summer heat. Sitting behind those big glasses in your porch enclosure is comfortable until the solar gain makes the room unbearably hot. That heat can even invade your house and force your air-conditioning to run more than usual. Frameless glass porch enclosure has no options to add openable windows to get a fresh air inside of your enclosure. Extreme hit inside can possibly damage your entrance door or stuff that you keep inside.

5. Limited warranty:

The warranty for frameless glass enclosure usually does not exceed 5 years.

6. Not suitable for every house:

Originally designed for shower cabins, frameless glass enclosures require perfect leveled surfaces of existing porch walls, floor and ceiling which is making an installation of frameless enclosure extremely hard or just not possible.