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Entrance Systems – Steel

Steel is engineered for lasting durability and reliable performance. This performance translates into extra security, extra longevity and extra home owner satisfaction.The most popular type of entry doors in Canada today because of their strength, durability, and accessibility. Made from heavy gauge galvanized steel, zinc-coated to prevent rust, steel doors are resistant to warping, shrinking or swelling. They are built with a solid polyurethane foam core that provides superior insulation. New metal stamping and embossing techniques allow for steel doors to be manufactured in a variety of shapes, and patterns, and can even be made to approximate woodgrain. While durable and very strong, steel entrance doors are more vulnerable to scratches and dents, however they are easiest to refinish for a brand-new look!

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Entrance Systems – Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors provide several advantages over traditional wood and metal doors. Fiberglass exterior doors won’t de-laminate, split or rot like wood. They offer an advantage in that fiberglass can easily be manufactured in a wider variety of shapes, textures, and new design treatments, down to accurately replicating real wood grain of any essence and finished with specific stains. Like steel, fiberglass entry doors are suitable for our extreme northern climate and require little to no maintenance. They are built with an energy efficient solid polyurethane foam core interior providing superior insulation values. Fiberglass doors are more scratch and dent resistant than steel.

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The term “traditional” is rather sweeping and may conjure up different images for different people. The door that led you into your childhood home may be the very definition of tradition to your mind, as you fondly recall the smell of mom’s meatloaf wafting your way as you cross the threshold. However, in interior design terms, traditional doors have a particular style with some key features that may have everything (or nothing) to do with the home of your youth.

Traditional exterior doors typically have:

  • Between two and 12 raised panels
  • Pre-hung hardware
  • Metal or fiberglass construction

Traditional doors may feature a glass insert and might even include colored panes of glass and decorative scroll work. This is a broad category that applies to most simple, symmetrical doors.

While traditional doors will typically come in neutral colors, there are many things you can do to dress up this type of design. Try painting the door an bright color, or insert a pop of green that coordinates with your surrounding landscape. Painting the trim around a traditional door can update this look as well. The versatility of this style makes it a good choice if you’re updating your home for resale.

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Contemporary exterior doors are recognizable by their sleek, straight lines and geometric details. You won’t find a lot of scroll work, artistry, or embellishment here. Modern styles typically emphasize a more minimalist approach to exterior designs. This type of door is most appropriate on a contemporary home and will look starkly out of place on a historic dwelling.

Modern doors are often oversize and may be easier to install when you’re first constructing a home than when you’re making updates. Some characteristics that you’ll notice with modern exterior doors include:

  • Long, straight door handles
  • Square or rectangular glass panes, often repeated
  • Bold circular shapes if curves are used
  • Steel or fiberglass slab

Black and white are common colors for modern doors. These typically coordinate well with the overall design of a contemporary home exterior. Modern double doors are not uncommon, and will certainly add a striking pop of interest to your home that’s sure to draw the eye of those passing by.

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If you have a cabin, lake house, or cottage, a rustic exterior door is what you want. Homes that are nestled in the woods, sitting cozy in lush gardens, or perched by the creek just beg for this type of natural, homey design. Rustic doors are the perfect complement to dramatic exposed porch beams, charming stonework, and wood siding.

Rustic doors are often heavier, hearkening back to a time when you needed that heft to keep the wilds on the other side of your walls. They often feature similarly sturdy hardware that’s larger and more dramatic than what you’ll see on a more traditional design. Some common elements of rustic doors include:

  • Fiberglass construction
  • Arched or rectangular shapes
  • Raised panels or score lines
  • Simple windows

Rustic doors can be painted or stained. Match your door to the woodwork featured in the rest of the home for that cohesive design that lends the idea that this home may have just been constructed from trees felled right on the spot.

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The Pacific Series 1000 is our all vinyl frame patio door. Every detail has been considered in designing and manufacturing a stylish patio door with remarkable craftsmanship and true value.

Advanced manufacturing process ensures that all our doors exceed the industry’s highest standards for quality and durability. If you are looking for energy savings – our superior insulation eliminates water and air infiltration between frame and panels. A one inch insulated unit with Cardinal Endur IG Insulating Glass allows for outstanding thermal performance and solar control. The Pacific Series 1000 is not only durable, corrosion resistant and strong, it’s also aesthetically pleasing in an unlimited number of colors matched to your specifications.


•  5 7/8” depth on an all vinyl multi-chamber profile design
•  LoE 180 & Argon tempered glass with XL warm edge spacer
•  Full perimeter double and triple weather stripping
•  10 degree sill slope which optimizes water-tightness and drainage
•  Removable panel support
•  Steel reinforced sashes
•  Anodized aluminum tracks
•  Zinc plated double tandem wheels with sealed bearing
•  Extruded aluminum screen with black fiberglass mesh and lock

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Hardware options

We offer a variety of hardware options to customize your patio door's lockset and secure your home.

Elite Lockset

single lock (standard)

twin point lock (option)

Euro Lockset 9700

antique brass

bright chrome

brushed chrome

black nickel with key option

oil rubbed

New Euro Lockset 9900


oil rubbed

satin nickel


Security Options

kick lock

guardian lock

Decorative Glass

colonial style grills

prairie style grills

wrought iron prairie grills

wrought iron with blinds

Internal Blinds

With venetian mini blinds, you can control the amount of light and privacy for your room with just the touch of a finger. Magnetic controls allow effortless and reliable operation. Eliminate the need for window coverings for your patio door, which can be costly and a hassle to clean.

These insulated units are factory sealed and completely dust free, which reduces exposure to allergens, and cordless blinds eliminate the potential danger of hanging cords with children. The soft white fabric of the between-the-glass shades will never yellow or fade, so you can enjoy years of beautiful, maintenance-free blinds.

internal blinds

raise and lower

tilt operator

Vinyl-Professionals storm doors will enhance your home’s curb appeal, protect your entry door from the elements, provide ventilation in the summer, conserve heat in the winter and provide additional security when opening your entry doors.

• Self lubricating hinges
• Heavy wall extruded aluminum frame
• Die-cast internal miter corners
• Durable baked enamel Dacron finish
• Heavy duty torsion bar closer
• Installation hardware included
• Tempered safety glass
• Triple rubber sweep
• Victoria Doors #1 to #4 & Colonial
comes with interchangeable screen
on top section only
• Standard DX handle


Vinyl-Professionals Windows & Doors is an official dealer with many of the industry leading door manufacturers. For your convenience we have included catalogs from a selection of our  door suppliers. Have a look at our supplier catalogs to get ideas for your home. If you have any questions about anything you see in these catalogs or are interested in a specific door, contact  Vinyl-Professionals Windows & Doors representative today!

Steel slabs warranted against defects for a period of 10 years

Factory applied color paint warranted against defects for a period of 2 years

Factory applied color stain warranted against defects for a period of 1 years

Insulated thermal unit warranted against failure for a period of 5 years

Insulated thermal unit warranted against stress crack for a period of 1 year

Blinds Shades between insulating thermal unit warranted against defects for a period of 5 years

Hardware warranted  for a period of 1 year

White vinyl wrapped frames and components warranted against defects for a period of 10 years

What’s not covered?

  • Installation or service that has not been paid for in full
  • All product imperfections and/or defects such as cracks, scratches, dents, bends, tears and punctures that are reported after a period of 10 days from the day of installation or pickup.
  • Any and all warranted items are voided if a storm door is installed over the painted/stained door due to excessive heat
  • Vinyl-Professionals does not guarantee to install the following door locks provided by the customer: wireless, key-pad, electrical, locks purchased online and not matching North-American standards. Customers may require to hire a locksmith company to install a lock and pay for the service. We always advise to purchase all door locks from local reputable stores where you could easily replace and exchange them if needed.
  • The Warranty does not cover routine and seasonal adjustments of a door, frame or bottom sweep caused by seasonal foundation shifting, house shifting or frost. All doors may bind at times. Exterior doors are subject to severe conditions because of the exposure to both internal heat and external elements. A certain amount of expansion and/or contraction may be expected during a time.
  • Installation or product failure, or loss due to:
    • Routine wear of components such as sweeps, hinges, weather-stripping, corner seal pads, and hardware through normal usage
    • Finish fading due to UV or sunlight, rain or other weather-related exposure, variation of stain absorption due to grain, color and texture differences
    • Exposure to excessive localized heat, high-moisture environments (including pools, hot tubs and greenhouses) or water leakage
    • Exposure to salt spray and other coastal conditions
    • Acid rain or other corrosive elements
    • Damage or window seal failure caused by a third party, including but not limited to, modifications, alterations, abuse, improper use, vandalism, impact by a foreign object, act of God or nature, fire or other casualty, improper handling, storage or installation
    • Stripped roto gear due to over-tightening of door hardware
    • Faded corner welds on colored windows
    • Structural settlement, movement or vibration
    • Improperly installed security systems
    • Damage caused by high in-home humidity (condensation, frost and mould)
    • Damage caused by inappropriate finishes, solvents, brick-wash, or cleaning chemicals
    • Mechanical abrasion to finishes
    • Non-factory applied finishes, applied sealants or caulking
    • Door panel, moldings, light rims and frame not properly finished within 30 days of installation
    • Minor imperfections in glass that do not affect the product’s structural integrity or significantly obscure vision (including textures, swirls and air bubbles in decorative glass)
    • Minor variations in glass color
    • Minor imperfections in the panel and/or frame graining or color
    • Installation inconsistent with recognized industry standards
    • Product failures outside the warranty period
  • Incidental or consequential charges, such as, but not limited to labor costs for any purpose, inconvenience, damage or injury to persons or the property, or any other expense
  • Vinyl-Professionals assumes no responsibility for painting or touch-ups, stucco, drywall, tiles, stone, existing windowsills, concrete or plaster repairs and cracks,  fixing holes and imperfections after an existing door(s) or/and sidelight(s) removal or damage to the existing homeowner’s materials and removal or re-installation of window coverings and security/ alarm systems.
  • Claims of unsuitable style, operation or design after the installation of product ordered according to the signed contract