Contemporary doors

Contemporary exterior doors are recognizable by their sleek, straight lines and geometric details. You won’t find a lot of scroll work, artistry, or embellishment here. Modern styles typically emphasize a more minimalist approach to exterior designs. This type of door is most appropriate on a contemporary home and will look starkly out of place on a historic dwelling.

Modern doors are often oversize and may be easier to install when you’re first constructing a home than when you’re making updates. Some characteristics that you’ll notice with modern exterior doors include:

  • Long, straight door handles
  • Square or rectangular glass panes, often repeated
  • Bold circular shapes if curves are used
  • Steel or fiberglass slab

Black and white are common colors for modern doors. These typically coordinate well with the overall design of a contemporary home exterior. Modern double doors are not uncommon, and will certainly add a striking pop of interest to your home that’s sure to draw the eye of those passing by.

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