Rustic doors

If you have a cabin, lake house, or cottage, a rustic exterior door is what you want. Homes that are nestled in the woods, sitting cozy in lush gardens, or perched by the creek just beg for this type of natural, homey design. Rustic doors are the perfect complement to dramatic exposed porch beams, charming stonework, and wood siding.

Rustic doors are often heavier, hearkening back to a time when you needed that heft to keep the wilds on the other side of your walls. They often feature similarly sturdy hardware that’s larger and more dramatic than what you’ll see on a more traditional design. Some common elements of rustic doors include:

  • Fiberglass construction
  • Arched or rectangular shapes
  • Raised panels or score lines
  • Simple windows

Rustic doors can be painted or stained. Match your door to the woodwork featured in the rest of the home for that cohesive design that lends the idea that this home may have just been constructed from trees felled right on the spot.

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