Limited warranty







  1. Windows: Manufacturer LIFETIME (25y) for vinyl frames, glasses, handles, locks
  2. Porch Enclosures and Storm doors: Manufacturer LIFETIME (25y) for aluminum and vinyl frames and glasses. Hardware (1y)
    • Roofs for porch enclosures: shingle roof – 3 years, aluminum roof – 5 years. No warranty against rattling or shaking of glass inserts on storm or porch enclosure doors or panels.
    • All porch enclosures are 3 season, single glazed units and under certain circumstances some air or/ and water infiltration may occur. Not guaranteed against air and water leakage as per Government standard in accordance with C.G.S.B. 82-GP-3M
    • Manufacturer provides replacement parts for door closer, pumps, door safety chains and porch enclosure window latches (1y). No warranty for safety chains and storm door pumps damaged by wind.
    • Manufacturer supplies and Vinyl-Professionals installs porch enclosures with single pane glasses covered with protective powder coating which may look like dirt. That coating serves to protect the glasses from damage, scratching and sticking during transportation and installation. The customer may require to wash out the protective coating 3 days after the installation is completed.
    • In case of existing post removal, the new porch enclosure aluminum corner post must be installed exactly at the same position as the old post to prevent the roof from sagging, spreading and other structural damages.
  3. Doors: Manufacturer LIFETIME (15y) for slabs and frames. Glass units (5y). Hardware (1y)
  4. Patio doors: Manufacturer LIFETIME (20y) for vinyl components and glasses. Blinds (5y). Hardware (2y)
  5. Shutters: Manufacturer LIFETIME (25y) for frames and panels. Hardware (1y)
  6. Workmanship of all Vinyl-Professionals Windows and Doors (Seller) products has a limited warranty for a period of five (5y) years from the date of installation. Full details at
  7. All products: Paint warranty (2y) and stain warranty (1y)
  8. Vinyl-Professionals assumes no responsibility for painting or touch-ups, stucco, drywall, stone, concrete or plaster repair and cracks, fixing holes after post removal or damage to the existing homeowner’s materials and removal or re-installation of window coverings and security/ alarm systems.
  9. Any products which have been installed, modified, repaired or tampered with by any person other than an authorized Vinyl-Professionals representative will void the warranty. This warranty does not cover damage of any kind caused by misuse, abuse or negligence, fire or acts of God.
  10. Screens damage, door sweeps, door thresholds, natural shrinking of caulk, rusty screw and glass breakage of any kind are not covered under this warranty.
  11. The Warranty does not cover routine and seasonal adjustments of a door, frame or bottom sweep caused by seasonal foundation or house shifting. All doors may bind at times. Exterior doors are subject to severe conditions because of the exposure to both internal heat and external elements. A certain amount of expansion and/or contraction may be expected during a time.

Our Limited  Lifetime Warranty is among the best in the
industry, however there are certain limitations and conditions:

• If any component on our windows or entrance systems
are found to be defective by Vinyl-Professionals during the warranty
coverage period, we will repair or provide a suitable replacement.
In the event of product replacement, under the terms of this
warranty, the warranty of that product will remain in effect for the
balance of the warranty period from the original purchase date.
• Vinyl-Professionals reserves the right to discontinue production of any model
of window or door presently manufactured or to make changes to
such models. Likewise, we reserve the right to replace defective
products with similar or alike ones, and to change the
specification or design. This is the only obligation assumed by
Vinyl-Professionals under this warranty. The extent of this warranty is limited
to the replacement of defective parts only and is limited to the
original purchaser.
• This warranty applies only to home-owners who are the original
purchaser of the products. This coverage is for personal,
residential use only and does not apply to commercial
properties or applications.
• Vinyl-Professionals will not be liable for instances such as misuse, neglect or
improper handling or storage, and settlement of structural, frost heaving or
building defects that lead to product failure or damage.
• Warranty will also be null and void in the event of impact of
foreign objects, fire, earthquake, flood, hurricanes, hail, frost heaving or any
other acts of God.
• Vinyl-Professionals will not be held liable for any discoloration or other
damage caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. Vinyl surface
chalking or fading may result from sunlight or air pollutant
exposure and is not covered under this warranty.
• Discoloration or fading of the silicone, caulking or weather stripping is not considered a defect and is not covered by warranty.
•While we utilize the highest quality caulking, over time it tends to shrink. This is a natural characteristic of this material.
As such, over the course of your ownership, we highly recommend regular re-caulking of your windows, doors or porch enclosure.
• Vinyl-Professionals will not be liable for normal fading due to ageing that will occur
with non painted and painted PVC, steel, wood, aluminum  or fiberglass product.
• Vinyl-Professionals does not guarantee 100% waterproof  of porch enclosure area or storm doors.
• Air or water infiltration of out-swing doors and aluminum frames does not indicate a defect and is not included in this warranty.
• This warranty does not cover condensation problems caused by
high humidity factors in the house or improper ventilation.
• Any after market products (i.e. – window glass films, shutters,
mini-blinds) may void the warranty of the component.
• Any product which has been modified,
repaired or tampered with by any person other than an
authorized Vinyl-Professionals representative will void warranty.
• In no event shall we be liable for consequential or incidental
damages of any kind, including damage to persons, the building
or its contents, resulting from Vinyl-Professionals product defects.
• Glass breakage of any kind is not covered under this warranty.
• Screens damage, door sweeps, door thresholds, door closer and pumps, door safety chain and rusty screws
are not covered under this warranty