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3 seasons porch enclosure in Pickering

Vinyl-Professionals is the leader in Pickering and its area for installation of Porch Enclosures or Enclosed Patios. We have installed thousands Porch Enclosures in Pickering and its area since 2001. That is why we can guarantee the best quality and best price for your Porch Enclosure project.


Almost every home in Pickering has been built with a roof or second floor sheltering the main entrance. These porch areas typically have one or more openings with either a square or curved top.

Vinyl-Professionals 3 season porch enclosures are custom made non-insulated glass panels and doors made from 2″ aluminum profile specifically designed to fit into these existing openings. If your home does not have an alcove, you can still have a porch enclosure! We are able to provide flat  aluminum roofs. Our Porch Enclosures are custom made to meet all of your unique requirements. Whether it used for protection against the winter months or protection against mosquitoes in the summer. There are no limitations as to what your new Porch Enclosure can do for you.

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Benefits of Porch Enclosure (Enclosed patio)


    • Protection from the elements.
    • Reducing the outside noise.
    • Keep the snow  away from your entrance. 
    • Added security.
    • A winter buffer zone keeping heat in and drafts and snow out.
    • Extra space for shoes, coats, plants or pets. Don’t consider porch enclosure living space.
    • No worries about wooden or fiberglass  door  warranties.
    • Added home value.
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Basement entrance enclosure

Covering the steps to walk down basement solves many wet basement problems. Enclosure over the basement door and steps keeps the rain and snow off the basement landing area and out of your basement.

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Porch enclosure with insulated aluminum roof

The ‘engineered’ insulated roof panels form the top of our porch enclosure system providing both strength and clean lines. The finished product will add value to your home every single time! Your new porch enclosure will provide an outdoor living space on your deck or patio with virtually no maintenance requirements. The insulated roof panels will prevent any heat transfer to the underside of the unit, keeping your new space 10-15 degrees cooler on those extreme summer days while standing strong against the snow load in those winter months. Each system is engineered according to your local code requirements and we install throughout the contiguous GTA! High quality, durable and maintenance free  –  all at a price that will not break the bank.

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Porch enclosure with an arch

Arched aluminum transoms are built to compliment any opening shapes of your entrance. Transoms can stretch continuously across the top of your door and sidelight combination. They can also be made into separate sections to meet your design requirements. Glass panes can be arranged to align with your sidelight and door design. Transoms can be shaped as arched, round or elliptical.

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Backyard enclosure

Looking for a place where you can relax, enjoy your patio and its beauty but unpredictable weather will never let you? Don´t be hampered by wind and rain, enjoy the many benefits of patio enclosure from Vinyl-Professionals. Our patio enclosures allow you to use your patio from spring to fall.

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